We offer a complete line

of business and work apparel shipped from stock.

  • Work uniforms – Shirts, Pants, Coveralls, Cargo Pants & Shorts, Outerwear and Women’s Workwear
  • Housekeeping – Pull On Pants, Tunics, Double-breasted Lapel Dress, Slacks, Shirt Jackets and Smocks, Shawl Collar Tunics, Pants, Lapel Dress, Lapel Tunic, Pincord Slacks, Shirt Jackets – Tunics, Short Sleeve Dress, Uniform Blouse, Zip Front Smock, Smock ¾ Sleeve, Smock Short Sleeve
  • Healthcare – Lab Coats, Counter Coats and Staff Coats
  • Food Processing – Butcher Coats, Pocketless Work Shirt and Work Pants
  • Culinary – Chef Coats, Garnish Chef Coats, Military Buscoat, Chef Shirt, Cook Shirt and Baggy Chef Pants
  • Police & Security – Shirts, Pants, Jackets
  • Fire Retardant – Pants, Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets
  • Hi-Visibility – Shirts, Jackets

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